Buying Process

Step 1>> Agreement&Deposit

* Once you have decided on your property; you can  sign an "agreement" with the Solicitor and pay 10% of the total purchase price or as you more likely not have that amount of money on you or in Turkey;you can pay a holding deposit of apprx. £2,000 and transfer the balance of the %10 of purchase price on your return to your country.
 This will stop it being sold to a third party untill the procedures are complete and the property transfered to your name(s).
 * A photocopy of your passport,details of your mother's & father's names and 4 passport size photos are needed at this point.
 * We will then get a tax number and open a bank account for you


Step 2 >> Requesting Necessary Permissions

Property buying process in Turkey for foreign nationals is straight forward
 and here we show you the simple steps...
* Your solicitor in Turkey will go to the land registry office with your documents to start the process of buying your property and he/she will request the necessary permission...


Step 3 >> Waiting for Approval

* As a standard procedure the Military will check that the property is not in a sensitive area.
*This can take up to 20 weeks (normally 12 weeks)This is just a formality.

Step 4 >> Notification

* As soon as permission is received from the "title deed office" your solicitor in Turkey will let you know so you can arrange your flights and come to transfer the property into your name(s)
* This needs to be within two weeks notification of military permission being guaranted.(Alternatively,if you are unable or do not wish to visit in this time period;you can leave a power of attorney to your solicitor in Turkey in advance so that he/she can act on your behalf and complete the process.(if the power of attorney is sent from abroad it has to  have
apostile  stamp by international law)

Step 5 >> Registering Your Property

After you pay the purchase tax, compulsory  insurance and necessary fees,Your solicitor in Turkey if you gave power of attorney in advance or Property buyer & the vendor will go to the "land registry office" to transfer the property with a sworn translator in to the buyers name(s).When this is complete,you will receive your title deeds straight away.
Importent Notice:All the new properties will require a certificate of habitation(there is a charge for the certificate)before you can register your water & electric to your house.(if the builder has not obtained the certificate for you we can assist you  for a small fee)