Investing in Turkey

  • It is a large country with many young inhabitants and space.
  • Investment in Turkey from abroad to grow each year.
  • Turkish banks have been little affected by the current crisis.
  • Turkey has a booming economy.
  • National income per person rises each year.
  • Last year an annual appreciation of homes, property around 10%.
  • A wonderful climate in the south and west to the coast.
  • Good potential for rental apartments and homes Turkey
  • The current interest rate on savings accounts is much higher than in the UK,Ireland and Europe. The interest rate on an account Lira in 2009 was around 15-9%,in 2010 is about %11 depending on the size of the savings amount and duration.
  • Labor costs are very low.

Living in Turkey is much cheaper than in the the UK,Ireland and Europe. Especially if you know the way a bit. At this time you get one for about 2.0 Euro/Lira, a very favorable rate.

ASP is selling selection of properties, houses, villas and apartments in the Aegean and Mediterranean part of the Turkey by the climate very attractive. In the winter, outside in October,November and December almost no heating required for winter great places to stay.

It is the warmest in the winter around Antalya, Alanya and Belek. In Kusadasi, temperatures a few degrees lower but has a drier climate and in the winter and good for people with COPD disease. There are also close to some of our projects in Kusadasi spa with thermal baths filled with minerals for little money you can spend a whole day. Ideal for people with asthma and joint problems. Here you not only invest in real estate, homes, houses but also in your health.

We can arrange letting your apartment or house for you, depending on the location and performance of your property Turkey properties are rentable from 6 to 12 months. Normally a yield of approximately 6 to 8% on an annual basis on the invested capital. We do charge for this prefessional service such as (check-in,check-out,cleaning services,holding security deposit,reading electric meters and charging the tennant etc) %20. This is for short term rentals. For longer rental periods, the costs and benefits differently.For 12 months rents we do charge 1 month rent fee…

Turkey is great for people who retire and take a warm climate. You can have a great winter. Life is cheap here, the people are friendly and there are selection of apartments, homes, which we do offer from 29,000 euros to luxury villas throughout.

A beautiful website designed and built at a very attractive sales price in Turkey. Combine a week's holiday and work. The same goes for the design of advertising material. Knowledge is here on a high level and still cheap.

Ideally of course we have placed with us, ASP, passing or inquires about investing real estate apartments, villas, houses, land, hotels and projects. We are a reputable company with extensive experience in buying and selling real estate.

You can also always use an Inspection Tour.

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