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  hermias apartments for sale bodrum gulluk

hermias apartments for sale bodrum gulluk:


P R O P E R T Y   D E T A I L S

•    New property for sale in Bodrum,The complex shall be build in 7640 m2 sea view garden and shall comprise 21 three bedrooms and 2 bathroom ground floor apartments, 42 two bedroom two bathroom middle and top floor apartments.
•    Dwellings consist of Hermias 99 m² indoor ground floor apartments and 52 m² indoor middle and top floor apartments.
•    Each ground floor apartment has an open plan kitchen , 3 bedrooms ,2 bathrooms, 1 patio and Each middle floor and top floor apartments 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 terrace.
•    Each apartments commands a view of Gulluk bay.

•    Ground surveys were carried out upon which statically calculations were made and project was drawn. Based on these results foundation’s will be laid.
•    High quality ribbed materials approved by ISO 2001 certificate shall be used in the constructions.
•    ISO certified bricks shall be used in external and internal masonry.
•    C20 certified ready-mixed concrete shall be used in constructions also STIIIA iron shall be used and all the buildings are going to be constructed with the 1st class earthquake standards.
•    Underground shall be provided with a drainage system. Water and heat insulation shall be applied to underground, terrace and external.
•    All the materials installed (or to be used) are certified by Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

•    The foundation of the buildings, the joining parts acting as heat bridges as well as terraces.
•    Drainage shall be built to provide protection to the foundation of the buildings against the outer water sources and this drainage system shall be connected to the water discharge channels.
•    The terrace and open walking patios and interior tiled floorings as well as the bathrooms, WC and kitchen shall have high density insulation and protective layer followed with the application of first quality insulation materials which are either ISO or Turkish Standard Institute (TSE) certified.

•    All buildings shall have 220 volt electricity power and all planning system and materials to be used in the buildings shall be in accordance with this electric power.
•    The project shall be set up with 380 three-phase current and this power is to be used in common areas together with other areas requiring three-phase power. However the buildings shall have 220 volt power.
•    Each apartment has been provied with individual grounded cabling and wiring and shall have security electricity fittings.
•    Each apartment shall have its own eletricity connection point and meter separated from the general connection. This meter shall be installed in a place which is secure and can be easily seen by the officers from the Electricity Administration.
•    Each building shall have a fuse box to which all cabling is connected and all conveyors, phase breaker, leakage current shall have dimension specified in the project. All cables TSE certified.
•    Sufficient number of cables connected to the fuse to be left for the lighting of the exterior of the apartments.
•    Inside the house, there shall be no lighting from the ceiling except for the storage and stairwell. All living rooms and rooms shall have minimum 2 grounded sockets. The bedrooms shall have two wall fixtures and lighting sockets. There shall be at least 4 power sockets and switches in the lounge. There shall be grounded or direct power sockets required by the respective appliances in the kitchen.
•    The place and highness of the power sockets and switches are specified in the project are in compliance with TSE standards. The conduit boxes of the system shall be in same size and dimension.
•    The shall be 9000 btu air conditioning units in each bedrooms  and the water discharge lines and power lines shall be provided specially.
•    The telephone and TV lines of each building shall be direct and separate.
•    The electricity system shall be connected in consideration of the maximum power capacity to be used by washing machine, dish washer, microwaves and electric heater.
•    The details pertaining to the electricity cabling which are not mentioned here, however necessary shall be identified in detail in the project and implemented accordingly. All plan, materials and manufacturing to be in fine with the relevant regulation and all materials to be TSE certified.

•    There shall be an artesian well with sufficient capacity to be built  or main water connection for the complex.
•    The valves, taps, batteries and joining parts shall be first quality materials all which are TSE certified.
•    Sanitary units to be used shall be first quality and the armatures to be chrome and first quality.
•    There shall be waste water treatment system or main drainage system in the complex

•    The garden of the Hermias Apartments properties shall be landscaped in compliance with grass, natural stones and outer ground coatings.
•    Terrace shall be external ceramic tiling suitable for water and heat insulation.
•    The bathroom walls to be ceramic tiling from ground to the ceiling and the tiles to the first class TSE standard.
•    Between the kitchen units and the top shall be first class ceramic tiling.
•    Stairs, landings shall be first quality travertine marble, the stairs shall be ferforge cut iron with wooden or iron banisters.
•    The lounge and the rooms shall be ceramic.

•    There shall be double locking external door.
•    Other doors shall be good quality American panel, wooden doors with press lock and lever handle.
•    The windows shall be TSE standard PVC and each one shall be double glazed with quality lock system.

•    Enough space and necessary cabling for oven, fridge, microwave and dishwasher. Wooden kitchen cupboard units, included.
•    The work top shall be good quality polycohr. Ceramic tilling between the kitchen and the work top.
•    The sink shall be chrome steel.

•    The bathroom walls shall be ceramic tiling from ground to ceiling. There shall be shower tray.
•    The shower tray, sanitery units e.g. shall be TSE certified.

•    The exterior walls to be painted with silicon based exterior paint after the hard wall.
•    The interior walls shall be finished with plastering and applied satin coat followed by plastic paint.

•    There shall be a general landscaping project prepared and applied. In this project the exterior and interior garden walls to be stone. All paintings shall be carried out according to the project. Irrigation system to be provided for the maintenance of the garden.
•    There shall be two pools in the complex.
•    The swimming pool to have filtration and cleaning system as well as disinfection system.
•    In the swimming pool project there shall be showers and sun terraces.
•    There shall be a game room and a fitness room below the Plot 2 swimming pool with items
•    There shall be walking paths, car park places and secure gate.
•    There shall be necessary street lights in the complex.

•    Hermias apartments shall only be used as residences. Property owners shall have the right the let the apartmentss on hire.
•    The property owners shall be directly responsible in case allocate their properties to third persons.
•    The properties with in the structural guarantee of TTPC Construction Limited Co. for 10 years.
•    TTPC Construction Limited Co. shall not accept any liability in case the property owners use the buildings for purposes other than what is specified and make alterations and changes in breach of the project after the receipt of the delivery of the property owners. In such a case the insurance shall be automatically canceled.
•    In case the property owners shall be obliged to notify TTPC Construction Limited Co. in writing of the changed to be made in the house and shall obtain permission in writing from the relevant authorizes, if necessary.
•    If the change alteration is in breach of the laws and regulation or the management plan is spite of the written application, TTPC Construction Limited Co. does not accept any liability.
•    TTPC Construction Limited Co. shall deliver a file consisting of project plans, permissions, insurance policies, guarantees of the materials and management conditions to the property owners while delivering the properties. The property owners shall sign statements as to the receipt of these files and the guarantees shall be effective of the signing of the statements.

•    Property owner shall contact this authorized person in case of all work and alterations and information they require.
•    During the construction, the property owners shall not be entitled to demand work or alternations from the workers or anyone who is not a member of TTPC Construction Limited Co. team. They shall not have such people do work for them at their discretion nor shall they provide materials to the construction or change materials without the permission of TTPC Construction Limited Co.
•    If the alterations are affecting the duration of the construction, the delivery of the buildings shall be deferred accordingly.
•    If the property owners carry out alterations carried out in the house, such alterations together with all areas, materials, and workmanship affected by these alterations shall not be under the guarantee of TTPC Construction Limited Co.
•    If the materials or manufacture has been changed before the use of that material, then the difference in price, if any, shall be paid in cash to TTPC Construction Limited Co. However, if such a change is required after the material has been manufactured, then the money and time needed is listed and protocol is drawn up and signed. After that the changes shall be made.
•    TTPC Construction Limited Co. aims at providing you with a happy life in your home free problems by fully keeping the promises set out in rules in the construction agreement. For this reason, we also would like you to abide by the rules. As of today, we will regularly inform you on the recent developments. Please feel free contact us on any matters.


Bedroom2Living Room1KitchenOpen Plan KitchenBathroom2En-Suite BathroomНетBalcony1Total Land Area7640Total Units in The Project63Property m252 sqm - 99 sqmWhite GoodsBuilt-in Hub, Extractor FanFurnitureNoneAircondationAll BedroomsWater BoilerYesSwimming PoolCommunal PoolSecurityCare Taker, General Security in Complex, Site Security EntranceViewSea View, City View, Pool ViewParkingCommunal ParkingExtrasDouble Glass PvcArea FeaturesLocal Transportation, Supermarket, Market, Beach, Water Sports, Restaurant&Bars, HarbourCertificate of HabitationCan Be Taken
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